Recording Into The Mix
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    31 May 2012 05:39 AM

    Hi everyone, I am new to WarBeats. I found this site through YouTube tutorials and it has been very helpful in learning how to use FL studio. I have been producing now for about a year, so I am learning new things everyday and am now seeking help on my next issue. . .Any tips would be greatly appreciated.  

    I record mainly live instruments with a condenser microphone into an M-Audio Pro interface and directly to FL studio. I am happy with how my mix sounds with my first 3 or 4 layers of music (Guitars Bass, Synth etc.), but as I add more layers I am not able to hear what I am recording anymore. It’s like all the layers engulf the new instrument that I am trying to put into the project. For example: I’ve got a solid beat and a nice groove of instruments going on and I want to record some vocals directly into the project. I play the music but the mix has become so loud that I can barely hear what the microphone is picking up. It’s important that I hear my sounds live because I want the recording to fit into the mix perfectly. I can’t turn the gain up to much because then my sounds peak. I’ve tried turning the mix knob down on the interface but that really doesn’t do much for being able to hear how the recording is going to sound in the mix while I am recording it.  

    Here’s something to consider. As I am progressing through my project I am constantly editing it by normalizing and EQing my recorded tracks to give them a fuller sound and to put them in their proper place. I try to get the most natural sound I can so I use plug-ins very sparingly and usually its only the Fruity Reeverb 2.  

    Any tips would help. Thank you.

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    Pompey Productions

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    01 Jun 2012 10:15 PM
    turn the instruments down in FL then. if your mix is overshadowing your vocals then turn them all down about 4db...not the master fader, but all of the individual instruments. then you can turn the volume up on your interface to your headphones without messing with your mix. 9 times out of 10 anyways, you're going to make some mixing changes once you record the vocals in anyway.
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