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Many of the following tutorials are listed in other sections, but here we gather the ones we feel show a specific tip or technique that you can use when making beats or producing music. A lot of these are cool little helper methods that will help you bring out the best in your creative moments.

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How To Make A Dubstep Beat

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In this tutorial I will show you a one possible way to make a Dubstep beat. I'm not an expert in this genre, but I will show you exactly how I made my example beat so this is a very detailed (maybe TOO detailed) and loooong tutorial (70 minutes), so dont get bored... Alternatively, you can just download the .flp project file (or check the non-video versio) on my website: 

Note that I'm not allowed to share the samples I used in this tutorial as they were from commercial sample packs so when you open the .flp file, FL Studio will say that some of the samples are missing.. just replace them with your favourite ones. Also, you need to download and install these free plugins:

Anyway, I hope this tutorial will give you at leat some ideas on how to build Dubstep style beats!

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