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Fat Loud Tyler Smith Drums Review

by: AGC

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 I'm always on the lookout for new drum samples to fuel my Blues / Hip Hop excursions into guitar based insanity.  I was going through particularly arid dry spell creativity wise when I got the opportunity to review the Tyler Smith Drum Sample Pack from Fat Loud.

Tyler Smith Drums at Fat Loud

Fat Loops Website

The info blurb on the website states:

"Tyler Smith Drums is the extraordinary collection of drum & percussion samples suitable for urban & dance / club music genres. This library contains total of 341 professional mixed & mastered one shot samples ... compatible with all modern software & hardware samplers and delivered in multi formats: 16 bit WAV, 24 bit WAV & 24 bit AIFF. "

 Well I got a chance to see how extraordinary they were and... Well, very.  These are some of the best edited samples I've run across anywhere I really put them under the microscope in Sound Forge and I didn't have to do anything to avoid nasty clicks in any of my DAWs.  Abrupt "rough and jagged" start points are very common in sample packs in this price range and there is no hand editing needed here from a cleanliness stand point they are way above rank and file.

Then I auditioned all 341 samples... yup all of them.  Now the blurb on Fat Loud's site said that this pack was suitable for Urban and Dance / Club genres well... I found that to be very true.  I was inspired to make a song with the kit the night I opened them up and I gotta say these are some of the punchiest drums that just beg to be put with a live bass (like mine) as well as synth basses.  The kicks in particular were just too much fun to make dance style songs with so I ended up making another song that fit that genre as well.

A lot of sample packs put in a bunch of filler "weird" effect hi hats, almost all of the hats in Tyler's pack were more than usable to drive a multitude of beats.  Very crispy and modern sounding, well done.  Snares came in a lot of variety.  Some electronic in nature, both crisp make everyone in the club blink and the type that beg to be pitched up and down.

Percussion, a nice collection, a lot of usable sounds and some surprises as well.  The nice thing for me is there was some classic 808 type percs (to get my Marvin Gaye on) or acoustic joints that would go nice in some Reggae or something more organic.  I'll find lots of uses for them.Now... as usual I gotta nitpick.  Could have been some toms...  this is a common oversight, especially at this price point. 

If there's a Tyler Smith II from Fat Loud I'd like to see a nice assortment of Toms so old people like me can craft some more old school drum programming where you’re thinking about the common drums in a drum kit.  There was a tom and I pitched it up and down, worked great but I decided to go a different direction and stay more modern club oriented in my second beat.  I liked the results a lot, at least the drums.

All in all, too much nastiness for just one kit, I love this new sample pack from Tyler Smith.  So much knock and thump it will do you proud, great offering from Fat Loud.  It's worth the cash; I expect it to inspire quite a few hit smashes.

Tyler Smith Blues (Mellow)

Tyler Smith Drums From Fat Loud Blues (Much less mellow)

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