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PrimeLoops Trap Starrz Review

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Trap Starrz Review

Today I'll be giving PrimeLoops "Trap Starrz" a review a great pack of 10 construction kits weighing in at over 1GB! 

Of course I expected great things when I seen the name PrimeLoops and I wasn't let down at all.

What is Trap Starrz?

One of the latest releases from PrimeLoops, this time going for a Trap theme. 

All Loops in this pack include tempos, name of instrument, sound & keys. As always with PrimeLoops  it is very well organised. This pack consists of 10 construction kits ranging from 75BPM to 80BPM . As well as all the seperate drum hits included in a seperate folder for easier use of those. 

It also comes with all ten construction kits mixed so you can get idea of what they sound like by default. These beats & their mixes all sound very pro and will definatly set of a spark and inspire your next track!

How well does it all sound?

Very good quality loops, from clean to more gritty synths, strings, pianos, lex luger style 808 basslines & more! 

All loops are really good qaulity and I found them very easy to chop & take parts which I liked from them to manipulate with plenty of variation in each loop. 

There really is a lot more variety in the sounds than I expected though when I seen the name "Trap Starrz

The parts in this pack compare very well to the type of beats you would hear on the radio, the loops would also be useful for a variety of different urban genres.

What did I think overall?

These loops will definatly spark some ideas & give your tracks a real nice feel with qaulity sounds. I did find the drums slightly weak at times but they still suited the loops that they came with. Definitely reccomend this one for anyone who likes dirty south/trap beats and likes to chop loops up or if your looking for some ideas. 

I decided to give this pack a 9 out of 10, just becuase the drums  sounds could have been better.

So if your into Trap beats by producers like Drumma Boy, Lex Luger etc you will find the sounds & inspiration here!

Click here for the Trap Starrz product page.

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