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Audio Technica ATH-M40fs headphones Review

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These headphones give you great quality for a perfectly reasonable price. I read the reviews for this model many times over before finally deciding to buy them and try them out for myself. For anyone wondering what exactly is so great about them is that they give you superb sound. 28,000hz to 5hz and all frequencies in between come in very clear, so you get the whole range of human hearing. They are well padded and very comfortable, I've worn them for a few hours once while "in my zone" mixing and mastering and almost forgot I had them on... They come with one long cord so tangles rarely occur, AND the parts are field replaceable so you don't have to buy an entirely new set of cans when this one, for whatever reason, falls apart. Speaking of falling apart, I highly doubt that's what it will do anytime soon due to its sturdy construction. The hinges won't break unless you purposefully twist them hard, but who in their right mind would do that?

These are worth their salt because they sound flat, which is great for recording. These are recording/monitoring headphones, so they give you as precise as possible the reconstruction of sound exactly as its producer intended it to be. In otherwords, nearly EVERY detail can be heard, including flaws. Fellow musicians/producers, this is absolutely crucial! Everything has to sound unbiased. Otherwise I may have complaints that my tracks sound too bass heavy or the trebble is annoyingly bright. With the ATH-m40fs, I can hear all the instruments/effects in clear, flat detail so I can make the adjustments needed to perfect the track. That being said, I still love to listen to all my albums on these headphones because the detail is AWESOME. I can hear everything. Since all human-heard frequencies are present on this model, I have enjoyed songs with notes I never even knew were there before, particularly bass that my previous headphones weren't strong enough to reach down to.

The bass won't blow your ears off - these aren't skullcandy headsubwoofers. But it's definitely there. I'm a hip hop and jazz fanatic so I take my bass seriously, and as a producer I need accurate bass, not exaggerated lows you hear from people with L7's banging in their trunk. I've owned these cans for about 6 weeks now as I write this review and I am still very pleased with them. Although I haven't listened to more expensive models, I feel like I don't need to...these phones get the job done well. And for only about $60 dollars, you have nothing to lose.

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