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Focusrite Saffire 6 USB Audio Interface

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Hello Everyone, 

I'm here to give my feedback of my experience with the Focusrite Saffire 6 USB Audio Interface that I have been using for about 3 months now. If I had to describe this audio interface, I would have to say it is simply amazing. First off, I chose to use buy this audio interface because it fit right into my budget with a price of $199.99.

I was skeptical to buy it at first because it is a USB interface and there are many problems that people have brought up in the past about USB interfaces. However, Idecided to go with it because I saw many recommendations about it being one of the best USB interfaces to use. The USB drivers work perfectly with my PC and I am running Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit. In addition to the interface you receive CD's which have some great sounding sound libraries as well as the Novation Bass-Station VST which is very useful when it comes to creating basslines and when you are looking for beautiful bass instruments. it also comes with the Focusrite Xcite+ pack which includes the Focusrite Reeverb, Gate, Compressor and EQ which are very good. The ASIO driver it comes with is very well and is very simple to use so you can fix any latency problems with the driver as you are recording.

The interface was optimal for the setup I had. It has 2 Award-winning Focusrite preamps. The microphone I have wired through the interface sounds great through the interface. The interface has switchable phantom power. The inputs can also be used to hook up instruments as well through Hi Z cables. The interface also has 4 RCA outputs.  In addition to those outputs it also has two balanced TRS outputs for my monitors. The interface also has  MIDI IN and MIDI OUT. In addition to all of these inputs, the knobs on the interface feel so smooth and comfortable to use.

I can say, without a doubt, that this is one of the best USB audio interfaces that are out there in this price range. I recommend this device to anyone on a relatively tight budget looking for something that is of high quality.

Rating 9/10

Marvelous One

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