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Beats™ by Dr. Dr Studio High Definition Powered Isolation Headphones Review

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     Lets face it, alot of us can't afford super high quality speakers that pound and display every nook and cranny of the mix. The cheap and effective method of getting around this is buying super high quality headphones that although are cheaper still portray the same sound quality. 

     Beats by Dr. Dr Studio High Definition Powered Isolation Headphones are a great alternative, even though the price is slightly steep is does the job and more.

- Beats uses two AAA batterys to power itself, which at first may seem like a stupid idea really helps the sub woofers in the headphones pound and gives it the extra power most headphones can't even dream of juicing themselves with. The battery life is so far excellent, use it around 2-3 hours a day since the start of the month and I have yet to see any signs of losing juice. The controls are basic and simple and thats all the headphones need, a simple switch on the side with an sleek red light shows when the headphones are currently turned on. I've used the beats an entire 19 hour bus ride and my ears never got uncomfortable. The headphones are actually really comfortable and it never leaks outside sounds to your ears so its easy to relax with these on, a definite plus. Also all the bitches love it. 

Best Pros- Sleek and stylish, comfortable, sound clarity, durable but compact.

Worst Cons- Pricy.

Sound Quality 10/10

Price to Performance Ratio 9/10

Comfortable/Style 10/10

at 399.95 the beats deliver,  If you got the cash, buy these.

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