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Prime Loops XXL Hip-Hop Drum Kit Review

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Prime Loops XXL Hip-Hop Drum Kit Review

I was not sure what to expect after my download finished, would the sample quality be high? Would there be enough samples in the library? This was my first purchase at Prime Loops and all I can say is it was absolutely breathtaking

First Thoughts - There are no loops in this kit, only the drums, which didn't disappoint me because I find .wav loops take up alot of space and there is always the chance someone else will use them. The Kit was well organised and well named, there named so well you can basically hear them before you play them.

Sound Quality- The sound qaulity in these samples are absolutly amazing, just as they put it "You won't find cheap, clicky, lo-fi drum samples here… Strictly optimised, individually mastered and maximised big, bad, real hip hop drums specifically designed for maximum impact, and presence in your mix. " They bring to the table what they promised. 

The Kicks kicked but also left enough room for eq. (Just in case you want them to kick a little harder) 

The Snares hit hard, but there were also snares that work behind the mix to add a little more rhythm without taking up the whole mix.

The Hi-Hats were absolutely amazing, along side with the shakers it was easy to create a hard hitting beat with alot of swing. The pack is almost worth it with just this alone.

Percs were few and far between with a couple tambourines and some kicks that sound like Low hitting bongo's. But the few that were found were high quality and top notch. 

Closing Statement- If you're looking for a high qaulity, optimised, affordable hip-hop drum kit, then look no further. You will find these samples in almost all of my work, I urge you guys to check it out! Best Part Is You Can Check It Out And Help Warbeats At The Same Time! The Ad For Prime Loops Should Be Here To The Right Of My Review, Clicking This Will Allow You To Check The Product Out While Adding Revenue To Warbeats, Our Favorite Beat Sharing Site. Do It Up And Peace!

Sound Quality 9/10

Price- 10/10

Ease Of Use 10/10

Sex Appeal 10/10

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