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M-Audio Axiom 49 (2nd Gen)

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Features         5/5
Ease of use    1-5/5 (depending on the user)
Sound:           Produces no sound
Quality:         4/5
Support:        3/5 (Avid has a horrid support service, but M-audio has a great User Community)
Overall:          4/5

After drooling over these Axiom products over the past few months, I finally had the chance to grab one. I opted for the new 2nd Gen (black) Axiom over the Axiom Pro (white). It has a great design and the keys feel wonderful on my fingers. The knbos feel great (no clicking while turning), faders feel wonderful (if only they were motorized), and even though the Pads felt hard at first...after testing they have an awesome response time.

This being a MIDI controller has no on board sounds, but if used effectively will be a track killing machine! Every aspect of this machine can virtually be linked to any paramater any program OR hardware has to offer. After getting this baby out the box I installed all of the drivers and POW! Opened up that FL :-) I press a few keys and they respond pretty decent. Same with the pads. Finally I tested the transport.....FAIL. I browse through the presets they already have set on the Axiom and I find one (#16) that the transport works. After trying to use that preset and trying to link my faders to my mixer I realize that this only lets me control one parameter with all of the faders. (example Link 1 fader to Master mixer track and all 9 faders control that one track) The hunt began for me to find out how to make this work..and after days of reading their manual and googleing, with the help of War Beats own Mr. Thraz, I finally got my transport to work.

This is an awesome machine, and I am honored to have one. Instead of using the program Enigma, you must manually program this keyboard with the functions you want. It comes equipped with a function called "Direct Link" which plugs your keyboard in almost seamlessly with your virtual interface. It is only a select few programs out there that support Direct Link, but with great resources you can program this controller how you want it. It comes with a whopping 9 faders, 8 endless knobs and 8 pads that can be assigned to do almost ANYTHING.

I suggest before you get this that you have at least a small understanding of MIDI and how complicated it can be. I really thought I was going to lose my mind before I got one transport button to work. This is a great product over all though. I'm sure it will last me throughout the years as we learn more about each other so far I love it. I just haven't figured it all the way out!

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