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FL Studio Remakes and User Projects Guidelines

If you want to upload your remakes or user projects please read and follow the rules below.

  • All remakes/projects should be created by you. Do not upload remakes from someone else even if you feel you have "improved" it.
  • Please do not upload remakes if they already exist, unless you are 100% sure they are way better.

  • All remakes/project should be made using soundfonts, samples or built-in FL Studio generators. This is so that anyone with FL Studio can open and see how it was done. 

  • If you absolutely must send a remake that requires a non FL plug-in, render the audio to a wave file and use that audio clip and mute the original piano roll channel that hosts the plug-in. 

  • Please use the Info Window (F11) in FL Studio to mark your remake/project with your name and info. For remakes, please put a description of the original artist and producer. A little shout out to is also appreciated here.

  • Try to make good use of naming your channels in both the pattern, playlist and mixer.

  • If you have an MP3 preview or YouTube video of the remake online, make a note of that in the description on the upload page.

  • All remakes should be saved in a zip loop package. In FL Studio select Export>Zipped Loop Package. This will create a single ZIP file with all the sounds and FLP that can be opened by FL Studio.

  • Please do not upload remakes over 30 megabytes.

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