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Drum Kit Guidelines

We appreciate all user made drumkits you want to share. Please follow these guidelines to make everyone's life easier.

  • You must upload the kit in RAR or ZIP. Please give the kit a proper name. Do not name it anything containing the words NFX or WARBEATS.

  • You should use the following rules when naming your samples

    Samples must be named in the form of:  X-YYYYY.WAV  where X is one of the following instrument types:

                     K = Kicks
                     S = Snare
                     C = Clap
                     HO = Hat Open
                     HC = Hat Closed
                     H   = Hat
                     CY = Cymbal
                     FX = Sound effect
                     P = other percussion sounds not listed (bongoes, congas, snaps, etc)
                     I = Instrument sounds. like a sampled bass
                     L = Loop
                     VOC = Vocals

                    YYYYY = the name.

     For example, the following names are valid:  K-THUMPER.WAV  or  FX-AK47SHOT.WAV
  • All files must be in WAV (preferred) or MP3 format.

  • Make a folder containing your Warbeats user name and the word "Kit", place all your samples in the folder and ZIP or RAR the folder  (not the individual files). You may use a number or description of the kit. For example: C:\YourName Kit 1\  or C:\YourName Dirty South Kit\

  • You must have at least the following minimum samples

    8 kicks,
    8 snares (or claps),
    8 hats,
    8 of any other type

    for a minimum of  32 samples.

  • You may submit up to 100 samples per kit.

  • If you want, you should include a README.TXT file that tells about your self and promotes your websites.

REMEMBER: These will be judged on quality and your ability to follow directions so do your best to make sure they sound good and are cut properly (ie. no silence at the start or excessive silence on the tail).

Don't know how to make a kit? Check out these videos:

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