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HELP - Uploading Files
In order for everything to go smooth, please read this page completely.

The file upload section is here to allow you to share your files with the Warbeats community. Please only share things that you have the legal right to share and authorize us to host.

We prefer quality files. If you have an unfinished beat, please don't upload it. If you have a remake that we already have in our library and it's not way better, please don't upload it. If you have a drum kit that you did not make, please don't upload it.

Also refer to the following guidelines if  your upload is one of these types:

Basic Upload Walkthrough:
  1. From the Files menu, select Upload. This will take you the Upload Page.
  2. Fill in ALL the fields.
  3. Browse/Select the file to upload.
  4. Click the upload files button and wait for it to finish.
  5. When it finishes, you will be taken to the file permalink page.

Video Wakthrough:

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