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Posting Video Guidelines
In order to make the videos here consistent. Please follow the guidelines below.

All videos must be hosted at another sites that allows embedding. Sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and more all allow this.
  1. Select the proper area for the video. If you don't see a section that makes sense or you think a new section should be created, contact me ( and let me know so I can consider creating a new section.

  2. Create a new thread. Make sure to make the subject line of the thread the name of the person plus the topic. For example: "NFX - Tuning Your Kicks"

  3. At the beginning of the post you can describe the video. You can also copy/paste the description from the site that is hosting the video.

  4. On the next line, use the following code to embed the video: {embed=XXXX} where XXXX is the url of the video. For example:
    {embed=http: //}
    ** Make sure there is no formatting of color/font/size on the url.

  5. Save/Submit the post.
Following these rules will make the size of the video consistent with the others and insure that the web site formatting remains intact. Thank you.

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