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File Download Help

You are limited to a certain number of downloads (points) per day. Karma, Uploads, Forum participation and other factors will affect your daily download points. To get more download points instantly please consider a VIP subscription.

You can limit and search the list of files by setting the values for Type and Search. You must click the Apply button to set the values. You can also use the Quick Views selector to apply some predefined type/sort/search values.

Each file in the list will have various action icons specific to that file. They work as follows:
  • To download a file click the  icon. Your download points will be immediately reduced by 1 even if you choose to cancel.

  • If you see a  icon, it means you uploaded that file. You can download this file without losing a download point.

  • If you see a  icon, it means you cannot access that file. Click it for a reason why it is locked to you.

  • To see extra information about a file click the  icon. This icon will not show if there is no extra info.

  • To report a file for any reason (warez, wrong section, etc.) click the  icon. Supply a reason and click Send.

To complain, ask a question or give a suggestion, please post a message in this forum.

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