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About Warbeats

Warbeats doesn't have "students" we have members. Membership is free and you can signup here.

Yes you will learn how to make better beats and improve your skills here, but Warbeats is more of a community or club, not a school.

You come through and learn and grow by being an equal member to everyone else. Your hard work and dedication are key and that's something we can't give you, but we will let you in the clubhouse!

This is why we don't try to take credit for our members success. We've had current and former members work with the likes of Dr. Dre, Snoop, Lil Wayne, Killa Mike, Mysonne, Papoose, E-40, Pitbull, 50-cent, Styles P, Drake, Dipset, Nicole Sherzinger, Daddy Yankee, Young Buck, Justin Bieber and more.

We will never try to sell you on Warbeats with fake promises to make you a super star producer. Our goals is to provide a site for beat makers of any level to both share and learn about all aspects of audio production as peers.

We have a strong FL Studio audience here, but all are welcome regardless of DAW.

I hope you will participate in many areas of the site to get the most benefit. They key here is to be respectful of your fellow soldiers and keep it real. Leave the e-thuggin and egos at the door.

Click here to see the many resources we have for you here at Warbeats.

If you need to contact us, drop us an email at: (fastest response

You can also voicemail or SMS us at 1-424-235-4639 

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