KRK Headphone question.
Last Post 30 Apr 2012 01:20 AM by Mike O. 1 Replies.
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Captain Deez

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    28 Mar 2012 09:16 AM

    Aight people I really need some more advice on this topic...

    I just made some extra money on the job so Im gonna get some new KRK headphones. Ive narrowed it down to the KNS 8400 & the KNS 6400. They cost $150 & $80 [Originally $200 & $150] just incase you dont feel like clicking the links. Now Im pretty sure the 8400's are better, but are the so much better that I should pay almost twice as much for them or would I be good with the 6400's? Ive gotten some good answers on this but I would like some more opinions.

    And before everybody tells me that mixing with headphones is a bad idea & I need to get speakers... I live with 4 other people & they really dont want to hear any of this.

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    Mike O

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    30 Apr 2012 01:20 AM
    I would go with the KNS 8400 if its within your budget. The customer reviews show proof of quality where as the KNS 6400 have no reviews or proof to back it within amazon. I'd rather pay more for something I know is good than take a chance with something I'm unsure of and regret it later. On a side note: the KNS 8400 look better lol. I also don't think mixing with headphones isn't a bad idea at all. You can hear everything literally, but it would be wise to take breaks more often if you use headphones, from what I know your more apt to damage/degrade your hearing faster with headphones. And it shows as 136.99 for the 8400's...not sure if you included shipping with that. But seems like a good pair of headphones for the price . I'm all for those 8400's.
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