drumloops in pianoroll fl studio?
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    29 Mar 2012 04:19 AM

    hi. I wonder if anyone can explain how drums etc work in piano roll in fruity loops 10? if i want for example

    kick, four beats per measure.

    Hi-hats at 16th notes .

    Open hi-hats exactly between the kicks.

    Snare at beat two and four of every bar.

    baseline that matches the open hi-hats between the kicks.

    I want to place the notes in piano roll and not use the drum pattern. I know i can just click send to piano roll and the notes come up.But i don`t understand why and how they are this way.I hope anyone understand what i am asking.What is a 1\2 note 8th note 16th note etc? and how does 1\2\8th,,16th note and so on look like in the piano roll? are there any tutorial on this?

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