compression and mixing
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    19 Aug 2012 03:09 PM
    hello world. so lets begin. now i been really stuck lately when it comes to mixing. Now i usally make trap, hiphop beats. but no matter what gerne i make ima huge sub bass fan.  now this how i mix. i mix all my sounds first (well instruments) i usaully have then all allround - 9 db and below. now when it comes to my 808 i have them hitting around - 4 db. may sound wierd but it acaully blends in nicely since the 808s have no harmonic tone. (well i distort them slightly but you get the picture) when i finish the track and it all sound stable (mix wise) thats when i goto mastering. here is where i add compression. i put the thershold like around -11 db and 4.0.1 ratio. attack 11.9 ms and release 200 ms. so when i play my song the bass overlaps the tremble and the volume from instruments increase when the 808s stop playing..???? well that suck! so my biggest ?????? is do you even need to use compression?? is it really that important. but my mix sounds fine without it.. but yall make that seem so important.  so my thery is that if yo mix is good enough then you wont  need compression?? right? or if im wrong plese correct me.. thats in advance
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    Pompey Productions

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    21 Aug 2012 07:33 PM
    from the looks of your settings, your threshhold is too low for the 808. especially since you have the 808 so much higher than everything else. whether compression is needed or not depends on how the track sounds, however, compression can definitely glue everything together and make things sound better as a whole.

    make sure you understand what compression is fully and how it works.

    the reason that your treble is dipping down at the same time is because you're compressing too much. everything is gettin squashed together. first thing i would do is bring your threshhold up. if you like your attack and release settings, leave them as they are. put your threshhold at 0 and slowly bring it down until you hear everything glue together, while still keeping as much as the dynamics of the track as possible.
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