Gntlmnsclub Drum Kit Vol. 1
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    27 Jun 2012 12:24 AM

    These hi-energy drums and ultra bassy 808s will rule your R&B and Hip Hop tracks, or find the new sound of tomorrow with The Gntlmn's Club'slatest beat smash "The Gntlmn's Club Drum Kit Vol. 1." With this kit in your arsenal, there’s no stopping your career as an urban producer. You will develop an unprecedented sound and inspire the future genertaions of producers!!  

    Oversee star lit skyscrapers and the urban dance clubs of tomorrow with more than 25 bassy drum kicks and 65 sharp one-shots including snares, hats, drums, and professional FX's. With one shots split across 4 folders of live, electronically programmed and mixed collections, you'll have the choice necessary to create gigabytes of Drum & Bass hits that will land your tracks into the hands of artists and DJs whether they are LEGENDS or LEGENDS TO BE!! What are you waiting for!? Grab your swisher and roll some fire packed with that "Gntlmn's Club Drum Kit Vol. 1."“Gntlmn's Club Drums Kit Vol. 1“ has you covered whether your beats are chart-ready or you're a new up-and-coming producer. 

    Every swagged out hit of audio contained in this pack has been produced to perfection by The Gntlmn's Club's skilled audio engineers, so explore this royalty free cut of super-charged and electric drum magic!!

    Visit, Today And But Your Kit!!

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