Mastering for VLC Media Player
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    28 May 2012 02:40 AM
    Hi everyone. I mastered my track to ensure minimum headroom and there was no distortion on my PC or a few headphone sets i tried but something interesting happened when i played the track in VLC media player. In VLC unlike other programs like windows mdia player you can take the volume up to 200% and when i did this there was distortion but at 100% volume there was no distortion. Other professional tracks don't do this. What am I missing? Help!
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    28 May 2012 03:55 PM
    Well, seems like everything is fine your track... Not sure why there's no distortion with professional releases. How does your track compare to industry releases as far as perceived volume on playback? Even though professionals do try to use every last micron of headroom, the main focus is to enhance the mix... not completely squash it. Perhaps your master is a bit over compressed, maybe the bass is distorted and it shows when you crank past 100% volume in VLC. Listen to your track in your DAW, and EQ out all bands over 220hz -ish right before the mix hits your mastering chain. You're basically listening to just the bass signal as it is being processed by your loudening/mastering chain. What often happens is that bass frequencies get distorted but it's covered up by the mids and treble and you don't really notice it. Not saying this is an issue you have, just a guess as to why its different from professional releases.
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