Recording pop vocals using FL
Last Post 27 May 2012 04:10 AM by Anton. 0 Replies.
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    27 May 2012 04:10 AM
    Hi!I watched a lot of videos about this but I can't achieve even descent demo sound.I have a regular mic.It is not expensive but I think by all I red that it should be useful.The main problem is that when I record it sounds flat and arteficial.No reverb or eq helps about it.I've tried to sing loud and low to position the mic closer or away but it's still the same result.All I want is to make a descent demo of the track that sounds natural and the music and the vocals are merged and sound like one part.I know that I should record it in a studio but first I want to hear an analyze if I sing it right with the feeling I want to achieve-to practice it and decide waht I exactly want.Can you help me with some practical advices or techniques?Thank you in advance!
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