Question Regarding the Awards System
Last Post 25 Aug 2012 06:41 PM by Seasonz Beatz. 3 Replies.
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Great Scott!

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    13 May 2012 11:52 PM

    I searched high and low and I couldn't locate a page with a description of the various awards and how they are achieved etc...Maybe i just missed it but i combed the forums and all the local links i could find and even literally searched...

    It's not imperative. more so a curiosity, one which i think deserves a page! 

    Personally, I like to strive for various goals and if i could find some to come after I would definitely increase my activity on the site...

    Thanks Everyone.

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    Commander In Chief
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    15 May 2012 09:03 AM
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    7th sin

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    25 May 2012 05:16 PM

    Thats a good point i was looking for the same thing.... That would definatly (spelling) increase my activity as well... more of a pride thing for me, and i just like shiny

    -7th Sin-

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    Seasonz Beatz
    The Zookeeper (Moderator)
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    25 Aug 2012 06:41 PM
    Well, so far from my experience in warbeats I know this:

    Feedback Awards: 

    -Bronze:50+ Karma (+Karma Commando Badge)  

    -Silver:100+ Karma   

    -Gold:250+ Karma (I think)  

    -Sad Face (lol):-0 Karma (Not a cool thing to get specially if you want to upload, not really a badge but I think its important to let you know anyway)                   

    Forum Awards:

    -Bronze: 100+ Forum Posts (Upgrade to "soldier level")

    -Silver: 500+ Forum posts (Upgrade to "elite soldier level")

    -Gold: 1000+Forum Posts (Upgrade to "veteran level" And I think + "OG:Veteran Badge")

    -Bomb Squad "Average 75+ Feedback Score": You get one of this when you get 10 tracks in your player and receive 10 feedbacks on each (I think), this dissapears when you delete one of your tracks, and when you get 10 tracks with 10 feedbacks you get it again.

    Battle Awards:

    -Chat Battles: You get a badge once you win your first battle, after that your wins are added to that badge. (You get battle points also, that later will be used as download points)

    -Regular Site Battles: You get a badge once you win your first battle, after that your wins are added to that badge. (You get battle points also, that later will be used as download points)

    Special Awards:

    -OG Veteran Badge: Automatically given to the members of the old site

    -Moderator Badges: Only mods get the moderator badges, wether they are site, chat-room or file moderators.

    -VIP member Badge: Well I guess this is self explanatory, if you are a current VIP member it will show in your profile as "Current", if your VIP expired it will show as "Past"


    Ive seen some really strange badges on some warbeats members (Yeah Ive done my research haha), like one that gave recognition for service to warbeats "Medal Of Honoristinguished Service To Warbeats",Im not sure about the challenge badges, I think NFX did this challenges were people won this badges so Im not sure.

    *Hope this helped, and please mods correct me if I am wrong, Ive won some of this badges so I wanted to share with yall some stuff. Hope somebody with a higher level can clear some doubts with the missing badges. *

    Thats my 2 Cents
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