How To Create Electro House Style Bass With 3xOsc
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    16 Apr 2012 10:34 AM
    3xOsc is actually a quite powerful little synth despite the fact that it's very simple and easy to program. This tutorial will show you how to program electro house style bass with 3xOsc and how to create a bassline with pitch glide effects. Download the .flp project file (and check the non-video version of this tutorial) in:

    Credits to Valentin198ification ( and his FL Studio -- Bass (3x Osc) Electro House, Minimal House -video ( where this tutorial is based on -- I hope you don't mind, buddy!)

    Tags: video, 3xOsc, FL, Studio, Electro, house, bass, bassline, Pitch, glide, slide,, Videos, howtomakeemusic
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